Is the Hex Traverse the next best FKT Challenge?

Originally posted on For the Love of Adventure:
Since reading Leo Rust’s blog post about the Hex Traverse in a day, and glimpsing the route from the summit of the Mostertshoek Twins last year, we have been talking about giving it a go. On Saturday (4 Mar ’17) we finally got our ducks in a row…

Racing across New Zealand – My Coast to Coast “Longest Day”

The Kathmandu Coast to Coast is a multisport race crossing the South Island of New Zealand; covering 243 km from Kumara Beach on the West Coast to New Brighton Beach in Christchurch by running, cycling and kayaking. The spectacular scenery, technically challenging route, and proud 34 year history (older than the Hawaiian Ironman) make it … More Racing across New Zealand – My Coast to Coast “Longest Day”

Running with the Wolves: ARWC 2016 – Shoalhaven, Australia

In November 2016 I had the immense privilege of racing the world’s biggest and (probably) most competitive expedition style adventure race to date with South African legends of the sport Mark & John Collins and Andre Gie as Team Sanlan Painted Wolf.  After at least a month’s worth of experiences (highs & lows, mistakes & … More Running with the Wolves: ARWC 2016 – Shoalhaven, Australia

Date Logs

Easy homemade trail treats! Date balls are always a hit when you’re out and about. Here’s a simple quick and healthy(ish) recipe variation I like (you can always add extra butter, sugar/syrup/honey and a crushed packet of biscuits to make it more decadent). 1 Tbsp coconut oil / butter (optional) 250 g block / loose … More Date Logs

Fjords, forests, snow & glaciers – the best of Patagonia

From the first summit a delicate (rather terrifying but very exhilarating) traverse along a sharp ridge lead us to a safe line of descent: a steep but not deadly scree and snow slide into the large bowl below. Another steep climb greeted us on the far side of the bowl but we hardly noticed how our legs and lungs worked amongst the stunning glaciers, lakes, waterfalls and jagged peaks. … More Fjords, forests, snow & glaciers – the best of Patagonia

In amongst wild wind and rain, a laundromat and coffee

Patagonian Expedition Race 2016 Leg#4: 👍 110 km MTB ride along the edges of lakes and fjords. A rather wet and cold ride; at times we were riding at 45 degrees to counter side-winds and at others a headwind made forward progress virtually impossible but for much of it we were reasonably sheltered and for a few precious minutes we even had the wind behind us. … More In amongst wild wind and rain, a laundromat and coffee

The Wildest Trek (yet)

“… Many hours later – having made peace with the fact that we were only gaining 1 mile forward for every 2 that we walked, and no longer noticing how we sunk a foot deep into the turba on every step – we turned to look back on the way we had come. Soft evening light bathed the surrounding peaks and was reflected from the little lakes like a thousand rosy pearls. It was perhaps the most beautiful scene I have ever encountered.” … More The Wildest Trek (yet)

Crossing Patagonia’s Eastern Flatlands

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking back to Patagonia often. Almost everyone I’ve seen since has asked about the experience, and every time I find myself stumped by the seemingly simple question “How was it?” I’ve got the one-word answers: “amazing”, “fantastic”, “beautiful”; and then I want to elaborate but don’t know where … More Crossing Patagonia’s Eastern Flatlands